Airsoft Company 41

Welcome to the ASC41

Play with the legendary bear's head. You can expect forest and fortress spread over 42'000 square meters of pure fun!

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Our sponsors

The ASC41 itself already uses some stuff from the sponsors and can only recommend a visit to the website.

Super quality and price performance.

Whether authorities, security services, sports or recreational shooters ... The personal equipment can be put together individually and thus supports the respective activities.

Here hikers, fishermen, nature lovers and adventurers will find the right equipment for an unforgettable trip into the countryside.

For authorities, security services or marksmen ... Here you will find firearms and accessories of the most famous manufacturers worldwide.

We are looking for you!

After a long time we started to record motivated airsoft players again.

- You are an active airsoft player.

- You are interested in international games.

- You arent in any club and tired of driving to the games alone.

Then contact us.


We look forward to getting to know you better.